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Перфоратор hitachi dh24pc3 инструкция

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hitachi инструкция перфоратор dh24pc3

Hammering only function Light-duty chiselling of concrete, groove digging and edging. Page 11 English 5. Confirming condition of the environment: Confirm that the work site is placed under appropriate conditions conforming to prescribed precautions.

dh24pc3 инструкция hitachi перфоратор

Mounting the drill bit Fig. To prevent accidents, make sure to turn the switch off and disconnect the plug from the receptacle. The dust cup and dust collector B are for exclusive use of concrete drilling work. Do not use them for wood or metal drilling work.

инструкция dh24pc3 перфоратор hitachi

Insert dust collector B completely into the chuck part of the main unit. When turning the rotary hammer on while dust collector B is detached from a concrete surface, dust collector B will rotate together with the drill bit.

Page 13 English Change lever 2. Push 2 Pull the trigger switch after applying the button drill bit tip to the drilling position Fig.

Hitachi DH24PC3

Page 14 English Drill bit may snap off while withdrawing the rotary hammer from the drilled hole. For withdrawing, it is important to use a pushing motion.

dh24pc3 инструкция hitachi перфоратор

Comparisons With Similar Products 6. Drilling Speed Comparison Drilling Speed Comparison Drilling speed varies considerably depending on the work conditions.

hitachi dh24pc3 инструкция перфоратор

Use the factory test results shown in Fig. Chiseling Performance Comparison Chiseling performance varies considerably depending on the work conditions.

Precautions In Sales Promotion 7. The rotation of the armature is transmitted to the second shaft via the first gear, and causes it to rotate.

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The second pinion provided on the second shaft engages the second gear mounted on the outer circumference of the cylinder. Page 19 Accordingly, the armature shaft and the cylinder axes are also at right angles to each other.

In the Model DH 24PC3, through adoption of a spiral drive system a mechanism using a reciprocating bearing , a more compact design has been achieved by arranging the armature shaft in parallel with the cylinder axis.

Перфоратор hitachi dh24pc3 инструкция видео

Page 20 Idle hammering prevention mechanism The idle hammering prevention mechanism in the Model DH 24PC3 is different from that of conventional rotary hammers.

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